Nothing we do can be accomplished alone! We have been committed to undertake initiatives and collaborations with those that share our values and vision.

ISA TanTec

For over a decade, we have proudly partnered with ISA TanTec, which has revolutionized the leather industry by prioritizing sustainable practices for high-quality materials. 

The cowhide used in their products is responsibly sourced from the USA and South America, with multiple tanneries in the USA and Asia. All of their manufacturing processes follow the LITE (Low Impact to the Environment) concept and are rated LWG Gold, ensuring that the leather is responsibly sourced.

LITE Program

Low Impact to the Environment 


of water heated by solar energy 


Powered by Wind Energy


Air temperature by Bamboo Wall


Water provided by rain lagoon


Energy saved by natural light


Wastewater processed by wetland


From Marine plastic waste to your feet.

We proudly maintain our long-standing partnership with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, a unique organization fighting ocean plastic pollution.

Marine plastic waste is collected with the help of local fishermen, individuals, and organizations and then processed into an innovative recycled fiber: SEAQUAL® YARN. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

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200 tons

tons of marine litter have been transformed

600 tons

of waste cleaned from our oceans

We continuously explore new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, support local communities, and promote eco-friendly practices. 

Join us in our effort to make conscious choices for a better future.

Desserto Ⓡ

In an effort to offer the most ecological pair of sneakers, we have been working tirelessly to develop a vegan and sustainable material that is as surprising as it is innovative. In collaboration with DESSERTO Ⓡ, the 2020 Green Product Award winners, we have created the very first sneaker made of Cactus.

Organic-based, this material stands out for its low ecological footprint, softness, and durability. Made in Mexico, in the State of Zacatecas, from the mature leaves of the plant without damaging the cactus.

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Uppeal™ is a sustainable material made in Italy with the apple waste from the juice industry. This innovative material is created by combining apple waste with synthetic material, which cuts the consumption of PU (polyurethane) by 50%. 

Uppeal™ is manufactured at MABEL's factory near Florence, in Campi Bisenzio. This material is highly durable, breathable, waterproof, and resistant to abrasion and flexometries.

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